Desktop Solution

Agents spend a lot of time using their desktop solution in order to help their clients. This is great but if your customers are being kept on hold for a long time because your agents need to go through several steps then you may have some problems. Customers can easily get turned off by long waits. You may lose customers if you don’t do something about the situation. If you are struggling with your desktop solution, here are a few tips to find the best system.

Integrate all office systems

A desktop should integrate all disconnected CRM, multi-channel communication and back-office systems into one user-friendly interface. This will allow the agent to view all important customer data with one click. With this kind of system, the agent no longer has to log in and out of multiple applications.

Customizable desktops

If your agents can customize their own desktops then they will be able to full optimize it according to their needs and work strategy. A flexible system allows your business to tailor your solution around your processes. This leads to higher performance and productivity.

Manage time

Aside from being customizable, your agents must be able to set their daily targets on their desktop solution. Your agents will be able to manage their time effectively and prioritize their work accordingly.

A system that allows managers to track their agents’ progress will enable them to move around agents faster depending on the demand and identify which agents need extra training.

Simple interface

The agent desktop should be intuitive to use, meaning your agents should not have to undergo training in order to use them. It should have a modern familiar interface.

Any system that requires hours of training is not appropriate for an industry with a high employee turnover.

All relevant information should be readily available with just a few clicks.


Improve mobile working

A cloud-based agent desktop will allow your agents to work anywhere, any time. This setup allows your company to be flexible and tap into a workforce that can easily meet a 24/7 customer demand.

It is also cost-effective and easy to manage. It also allows for greater agent productivity.

Simple navigation

An agent desktop interface that is simple to navigate will improve productivity and increase sales numbers. Your agents will be able to access relevant information quickly and easily.

It should be flexible to each agent so they can personalize their interface according to their own preferences.

Back-office integration

Integrate the desktop with the back office so that employees can access customer history faster. It also gives them a holistic view of a customer. This setup improves employee performance and provides a more integrated approach to customer service.

A mobile solution

If you can deploy your solution to mobile devices, you will be able to have mobile and remote workers. You will be able to tap into a diverse pool of workers.

Intelligent routing

Intelligent routing allows your agents to review previous calls. They can get more information about the customer so they can manage and coordinate customer service and sales interactions. This ensures that your customers get a high-quality experience.

Voice recognition

Voice recognition technology allows you to automatically verify the identity of a caller without agent intervention. This eliminates the need for several security questions. During the initial exchange of greetings, the system will notify the agent if the callers has passed or failed the verification process. This technology saves huge amounts of time for both parties.

Real-Time Service Optimization

This feature can automate time-consuming processes and empowers agents to comply with changing policies and regulations easily while listening to a customer attentively.

This system listens to every step of an interaction and pushes next-best action recommendations as an essential support to your agents.


Find a desktop that can benchmark an agent against the rest of their team. It should allow the agent to monitor his or her performance. They should be able to compare their performance with the rest of their team to make sure that they are on target.  They should be able to see what they can do in order to improve their performance.

Extra features

You need additional features in order to streamline your processes and enrich customer experience. Those features should include appointment setting, payment processing, call transfers, account ownership, IVR menus, personalized messaging and software integration as well as soft phone features.

Browser-based environments

Your solution should support browser-based environments to reduce hardware reliance and limitations on software. You can have a contact centre without boundaries allowing agents to work from virtually anywhere via an Internet connection.

Customizing workflows without programming knowledge

Your call centre managers must be able to develop sophisticated apps, scripts and user interfaces as needed by using intuitive desktop design tools. A point-and-click solution is also great for customization and productivity. This type of system allows managers to build a customized workflow even if they don’t have programming knowledge. It also eliminates the need for technical assistance.

Graphical Desktop Design Toolset

These are mouse-driven navigation tools to build screens that are flexible for screen pops, radio buttons, check boxes, text boxes, list view and even selectable colours. You can customize graphics and messages by campaign. You can also build online help windows, data validation and multi-level logical branching.

Visible agent performance

A real-time agent performance solution should display a few critical information that allow managers to effectively manage their people. It should display historical information. It should include desktop apps that can make activity and performance visible at an individual or team level. You can use this tool to improve analysis, compliance and consistency.

All these tools will help you manage your call centre better. They will improve productivity at different levels. You can also expect your customers to have an enhanced experience. You will see higher call turnovers resulting to higher sales numbers. Some features will require a bit of investment on your part but if they will benefit your company for a long time then they are worth it. Tailor the features according to your requirements.