Virtual Call Centre Phone System Solutions

Modern technological improvements have made it possible for offices of any size to have a virtual call centre in which the company’s representatives are geographically dispersed. Instead of having all employees in one building working on different stations, the company can take advantage of talents around the world and even save on overhead costs.

Switching to a virtual call centre is very beneficial. For companies that are highly seasonal, the virtual call centre allows them to only increase their operations when needed. No need to maintain a large-scale operation year-round. The company will be able to save money on lean months and invest during peak seasons.

Having a virtual call centre also makes a company appear professional which in turn increases customer confidence.

How it works

When a customer dials a customer service number or tech support number, they are given the impression that the call reaches an actual department within the company. In reality, they are likely reaching a company that outsources support or even a stay-at-home mum, a college student or a work-at-home agent who has a phone system that is connected to the company’s secure network.

Examples of Virtual Call Centre Phone System Solution Providers


AVOXI’s virtual call centre solution is called SMART QUEUE. It claims to add more to your company’s bottom line. The hosted call centre solution is built on open-source technology. It provides the same functions and features as any proprietary call centre platform at a fraction of the cost.

If your business needs flexibility, this solution was developed what that in mind. All their solutions are scalable so you can quickly add new users to your system without the burden of a heavy cost. You can increase productivity by providing quick and easy access to all the features and capabilities.

AVOXI is ready to help you with all your requirements. They have capable engineers that can work with you to design a system that truly meets your requirements. You don’t have to worry about upgrades and maintenance with the cloud call centre solution. You can focus on your core business because you don’t have to worry about these things.

Benefits of a VOXI Virtual Call Centre Solution

  • You don’t need to invest a lot of money
  • You can get a predictable operating expense
  • Cost-effective scalability
  • Rapid deployment
  • High levels of reliability and security
  • 24/7 technical support


Vocalcom is one of the leading software solutions on the market offering a feature-rich software solution with the focus to make your agents more productive offering high customer service.

You can work faster and save money with this solution, coordinating all points of call for the customer. Whether they are in-store, on the phone or even different contractors, you will be able to keep on top of communication.

You can keep ahead of call centre software trends with this cutting-edge solution, keeping your workforce ahead of the game. Improve your customer service by answering calls quickly, delivering solutions to your clients and offering high-quality customer service. You can also add more value to your mobile environment and respond instantly in your social media.

Some Features

Skills-Based Routing

This is the heart of the Vocalcom Auto Call Distribution which ensures that customers are directed to the right queue and their call is handled by the best agent first time. This feature quickly pairs incoming calls to the call centre agents who can best help them, resulting in happy customers and a more efficient solution.

Queue Callback Routing

This feature gives your customers the options to receive a callback when their position in the queue comes up.

Keep call volume steady

If your customers can’t wait, your agents call automatically call them back when they become available. Agent productivity is increased during off-peak times by offering this option.

Easy Office Phone

Easy Office Phone offers an effective but easy to use virtual call centre phone system. It has a rich feature set and online web interface. You can enjoy detailed reports and tracking. This is the perfect solution for use in-house or outsourced call centre applications.

The solution can easily be integrated with the company’s CRM software for example Salesforce and you can streamline your complete solution using click-to-dial from your companies software, screen pops or conference calls to fully integrate your call centre.


This solution is easily integrated and will leave you with more time to manage your core business. Their Network Architects and Project Managers will actually provide bespoke solutions tailored to your business. Each customer has a dedicated account manager who will provide full operating instructions one to one via webinars and live presentations.

You will no longer need the hardware to operate your call centre, reducing up to 80% of the upfront capital, installation and configuration your ongoing costs will also be reduced. You can easily achieve your ROI with these benefits. With a speedy setup, you can be up and running in as little as 5 days.

With real-time reporting you can easily manage your workforce call targets, call queues and service levels, helping to increase productivity and reduce time in management.

The brand’s network is recognised for its quality and stability using in-house developers and tech staff. They are constantly upgrading their technology and distribute updates for free.

This is a Cloud-based solution and with the click of a button can add remote workers or temporary contractors while the back end platform can be managed from anywhere in the world providing a truly flexible working solution.

With real-time reporting and tracking you can easily get statistics on the percentage of calls answered or abandoned, average hold time, etc; specifying which dates you wish to analyse and which team members.

Having a virtual call centre allows your company to be flexible and improve your customer experience so consider having one today.

Saving Money in Your Business

A very dear friend of mine was on breaking point when it comes to the future of their business. I was employed to go to him to help to give a few suggestions on how he was to run more efficiently. Whilst I have a little experience when it comes to running a business, I do have some great experience when it comes to saving money. I used to run an ebay business which helped pay the bills from my spare room and being frugal is the key to success on ebay with such low profit margins.


Overhead Costs

The biggest charge a business can have is the premises from which it runs – bring that in to the home and you can not only save money on the outgoing bills, but also offset a proportion of the house bills on your company accounts.

Use fluorescent lights to brighten things up and lower your electric bill. Sure those spotlights make a dramatic effect on your office but they won’t have that same effect when you see your electric bill at the end of the month.

Unplug all your equipment when not in use. Machines that are not turned on but are still plugged still consume energy. Unplug whenever possible.

Look for the Energy Star label when buying equipment. These are energy-efficient machines that will give you a lot of savings.

Use the draft mode of your printer to print in-house documents. Use scratch paper too. Save the nice printing and fresh paper for presentations and documents for clients.

Monitor the photocopier. Save on copies and encourage everyone to just use email, cloud programs or post-its.

Check your phone bill. There might be several errors that you are missing or there might be some features that you are not using. Ask your supplier how you can lower your phone bill by removing these features.



If your company sends a lot of post, like mine did it is worth looking into a franking machine. You can either rent or buy one. A franking machine will print the equivalent of a stamp, weigh your letters accurately and apply the correct amount that you need to pay for. First and second class mails are heavily discounted. Aside from that, you get the convenience of topping up your credits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more rushing to the post office to get extra credits. It is worth comparing prices to get the best deal from the market at the time. When I got my franking machine I used a company that gave me the best offers on the market.

Marketing and Advertising

Take advantage of all your outgoing materials and documents. If you have a franking machine, you can use it to print your company logo or slogan on the envelope. Now your letter is an advertising tool.

Print an ad or promotion on your invoices, customer order forms, etc. Instead of sending a separate mail for your ads, send them with your other outgoing documents. You can also include coupons and other materials in your customers’ orders.

Ask around for referrals. You might be surprised who your friends know. You might get a good deal because of this. You can also ask them for names and contact details of potential customers. The bigger your reach is, the higher your sales potential is.

Ask your happy customers to spread the word. If you have a satisfied customer, ask him or her to bring a friend. If the friend purchases, give an incentive to your customer. You will not only transform your customer into a loyal/repeat customer, you will also gain a new one. Then just wait for the word to spread.

Make these changes in your office and you will surely make an impact on your bottom line.

9 Ways to Motivate Your Call Centre Employees

Running a call centre can be hard work especially during holidays or peak seasons. But, no matter what the day or season is, your employees must always stay motivated in order to do a good job. By staying motivated, they can keep productivity levels stable or even make them higher. A motivated employee is a good reflection of the company. Your clients will also be able to notice it. If your employees are happy, your clients are happy. Here are nine ways to keep your staff happy and motivated.

Free snacks
Do not underestimate the power of free snacks. Snacks such as crackers, soda, juice, chocolate, granola bars, energy bars or even cereal are a great mood booster. Your employees will appreciate the free food because they no longer have to worry about bringing these things or going out the office to buy them. This ensures that they are well fed throughout the day. A full employee has more focus and greater understanding than an employee who has a grumbling stomach.

Room for growth
Give your agents room to grow. Ask them what areas in their jobs they want to improve. Ask if they want to improve on a specific skill. Provide training. A motivated employee will always want to level up. This is good not only for his career but for the whole company as well. You will have a group of employees who are constantly striving to improve themselves, constantly striving for excellence. By upgrading their skill set, they are able to cover a wide range of jobs thus benefiting the company.

Free massages
Being on the phone, seated in front of a desk the whole day or night can take a toll on the human body. There are several problems that can arise because of this. One is poor circulation. Combat this problem by offering free massages to your employees. Some call centres hire massage therapists once a month to give their agents free neck and back massages. This will keep their blood going and help prevent stiff and tired muscles.

Get to know them
Try to spend a few minutes every day with some of your agents. Ask them casual questions. Ask them about their families. Ask them if they have comments or complaints regarding their jobs. Ask for their opinions on how to improve daily processes in the office. They might have some useful input.
Also, knowing that they can talk to the boss will give them peace of mind that you care about them. It will encourage them to speak up and become more creative and think of ways to improve your services.

Prevent stress
Stress is the number one enemy of call centre agents and for good reason. Being on the phone for long hours, talking to different people who are mostly complaining is just plain stressful. If you start seeing signs of stress, eliminate it right away. Stress can make your staff cranky. It can make them lose focus. It can make them frustrated or easily irritated. You don’t want your clients speaking to an angry customer service rep, do you? You can offer free tea and coffee. These two drinks are found to successfully enhance a person’s mood. They have anti-oxidants that fight stress.
Encourage your agents to do some exercises in their cubicles. You can also have team building activities or any activity that will make their hearts pumping and blood going.
Ask them if their workload is too much then make adjustments accordingly.

Set realistic schedules for offline tasks
Some companies give their agents a very tight schedule. For example, the first 2 hours of the day are spent on calls then 30 minutes to write a report then back to calls. Some just give 2 minutes of bathroom break then their agents get reprimanded if they go over this time frame. This is not realistic. Your agents are human beings, not robots. You can’t expect them to run to the restroom and go back to taking calls. Give them sufficient time to have some breaks, get a few stretches and maybe have a cup of coffee or something to eat.
Also, you may want to let your agent finish taking calls without any other interruptions and then set aside some time later to do reports, hold meetings, etc. Set one task at a time. You will see that productivity will be better this way.

Show a report on your agent’s performance
Every day, show your agents a report about their productivity. Let them know what they achieved the previous day. Make it as detailed as possible like how many calls they have taken, how well they’ve done on each one, their satisfaction scores and any problems they have encountered. This will encourage them to be better today and improve any weak spots.

Always remind your agents about your company values
In training, you teach your agents the core values of your company. People who can identify with these values are a good fit for the company. See which agents can bond with management and which ones who do not share the same values. Let them go because they will only be a burden to the company. Only hire people who are a good fit. From time to time, remind your people what you are doing and why you are doing it.

Set competitions
Let your employees compete with each other. At the end of the day, see who gets the top calls or the highest satisfaction scores. Award these agents accordingly. It does not always have to be a monetary prize. A pizza certificate or movie tickets are good prizes. You can also give the top agents more flexibility in terms of offline tasks. You can give them a paid holiday. You can hang a plaque on the wall with the top agents’ photos. You can also send them to seminars and trainings that would enhance their skills allowing them to have opportunities for promotions.
There are many simple things that you can do to motivate your staff. Just be creative with your approach so your staff will always stay happy.